The Bishop of Ostia

So the legend is born

Legend has it that back in a medieval day Pope Joan (a woman passing as a man) gave birth to a son on horseback, giving away her gender (whoops – unmarried too). Her son became one of the Bishops of Ostia. What is certifiably true is that in East Brunswick, Melbourne, business sweethearts Ben Foster & Matt Wilkinson, reconnected the Pope with her child-of-the-night, the Bishop of Ostia. While Pope Joan rises at sparrows’ fart each day to feed the flock, the Bishop rests. Then on Wednesdays to Sundays, as Pope Joan slips off her apron, the Bishop frocks up, opens his doors & welcomes the flock to his local drinking house.

Friend to the night-owl, the heretic, the frocked-up-persons, the discrete, the quirky, the misfits, the most diverse range of food & wine lovers, living right next door to his early-rising parent, the Bishop shares his mother’s kitchen garden & outdoor space, gorgeous even in cooler Melbourne weather. With a few cooking tips from Pope Joan, the Bishop now has a cracking bar menu complimenting some creative cocktails, a wine list inviting a trip around Victoria as well as excellent locally crafted beers – beer as cold & local as it gets (only more local if horse drawn carts delivered the kegs).

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